Comperative studies 



M U S I L Jirzí, PhDr. 

Member of Academia Europea, Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, World Academy of 

Art and Science 

Professor of Sociology, Central European University, Budapest and Warsaw 

Professor of Demography, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic 

Born February 20, 1928, Ostrava, Czech Republic 


PhDr. Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague 

1947-1952, Sociology and Philosophy 

CSc. Thesis: "Socio-Hygienic Structure of Czech Cities", The Institute of Hygiene, and Medical Faculty of Hygiene, Charles Univ., 1961 


1953-58 Research Assistant at the Institute of Hygiene, Prague. 

1958-83 Head of Department of Sociology, Institute for Building and Town Planning, Prague 

1983-90 Senior research assistant, Czech Technical University, Prague 

1990-92 Director of the Institute of Sociology, Prague 

1992-95 Director of Prague College of the Central European University, Professor of CEU 

1995-to the date Professor of CEU and Professor of the Faculty of Sciences at the Charles University, Prague 



1959-69 Member of the Czech Association of Architects 

1974-89 Member of the Czech Association of Architects 

1965-89 Czechoslovak Sociological Association 

1965-78 International Union for Population Studies 

1965-to the date Czechoslovak Demographic Association 

1970-74 International Sociological Association 

Vice-President of the Research Committee of Regional and Urban Development 

1990-1992 Vice-President of the Masaryk Czech Sociological Association 

1997-to the date President of The Masaryk Czech Sociological Association 

- x - 

1968 The award of the Association of Czech Architects for the book "Sociology of Contemporary City" 

1978 The award for the book "Urbanization in Socialist Countries" 

1985 The award for the book "People and the Housing Estates" 

1988 Medal, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture 

1988 Medal, Technical University Brno, Faculty of Architecture 

1988 The award for the studies in housing sociology, Research Institute for Architecture and Building, Prague 

1988 The award for the studies in urban sociology, Institute of 

Construction and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 

1988 Award for the activities in urban research, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava 

1995 Silver medal for the development of demography and social geography, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague 

1993 Elected member of Academia Europea, Sociology, London 

1965-72 Consultant of the United Nations Organization, Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva 

1970-72 Consultant of UNESCO project "Man and Biosphere", Paris 

1967-78 Consultant of the International Federation for Housing and Planning, The Hague 

1994-to the date Member of the "Bauhaus" Scientific Board, Dessau, Germany 

1994-to the date the founding member of the Czech Learned Society, Prague 

1997 Elected member of Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea 


Sociological theory, cultural sociology, urban sociology, social ecology and demography 


Housing Needs and Policy in Great Britain and Czechoslovakia (University of Glasgow, London, Edinburgh: Boyd Orr, 1966, 140 p.) 

Sociology of the Contemporary City (Praha: Svoboda, 1967; 320 p.) 

Housing Situation and Perspectives for Long-Term Housing Requirements in European Countries (Geneva: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe, 1968; 120 p.) 

Assessment of Current and Future Housing Requirements and Housing Demand, Including Methodology (Geneva: United Nations, Economic Commission for Europe, 1970; 130 p.) 

Sociologia della Cittá (Milano: Franco Angeli Editore, 1970; 356 p.) 

Sociology of Housing (Praha: Svoboda, 1971; 304 p.) 

Sociology of Housing (Budapest: Kossuth Könyvkiadó, 1974; 369 p.) 

Urbanization in Socialist Countries (Praha: Svoboda, 1977; 361 p.) 

Urbanization in Socialist Countries (Warsaw: Ksiezka i Wiedza, 1980; 380 p.) 

Urbanization in Socialist Countries (White Plains, New York: M.E.Sharpe Inc., 1980; 186 p.) 

People and Housing Projects, Editor (Praha: Svoboda, 1985; 334 p.) 

The End of Czechoslovakia, Editor (Budapest, London, New York, CEU Press, 1995; 283 p.) 

Räumliche Auswirkungen des Transformationsprozesses in Deutschland bei den östlichen Nachbarn (with Wendelin Strubelt) (Opladen: Leske + Budrich, 1997; 306 p.306) 


Published about 110 professional articles, the following list is a selection of those published in world languages. 

"The Sociological Approach in Planning Workers' Housing: The Experience of Czechoslovakia", International Labour Review 86:6 (1962) 

"The Housing Situation and problems in Czechoslovakia, 1967" in A.A.Nevitt, The Economic Problems of Housing (London, MacMillan, 1967; pp. 176-88) 

"Sociology of Urban Redevelopment Areas. A study From Czechoslovakia, 1966", International Review of Community Development 15-16, pp. 213-38 

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"Changing Urban Systems in Post-Communist Societies in Central Europe: Analysis and Prediction" Urban Studies, 30:6 (1993), pp. 899-905 

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"The Prague Roots of Ernest Gellner's Thinking" in the Social Philosophy of Ernest Gellner, ed. John Hall and Ian Jarvie, Poznan Studies in Philosophy, Poznan, 1997 

"Potentials and Limits of Prague's Future in the Context of Long-Term Development", Czech Sociological Review, 5: 2 (1997) 

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"Old and New Industrial Regions in the Czech Republic" in Social Aspects of Reconstruction of Old Industrial Regions in Europe, ed. Kazimiera Wódz, Katowice, WUS, 1998, pp. 19-29 


1964 MacTaggart, Fellowship, University of Glasgow 

1966 Visiting professor, University of Hannover, Germany 

1966 Fellowships, University of Munster, Dortmund 

1967 Visiting Professor, University of Kent, Canterburry 

1968-69 Visiting Professor, London School of Economics and Polit.Science, London 

1975 Visiting Professor, University of Lublin, Poland 

1989 Visiting Professor, Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, New York 


Member of the Board of the "Pangea" Foundation. 


Central European University, Prokopova 9, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic 

phone (+420 2)2278 0909, ext.106; fax (+420 2)2278 2185