Dying of curiosity about the image next to “Welcome” above? That is a silhouette drawing by Otto Böhler and shows Anton Bruckner greeted in Heaven by his colleagues upon arrival. I am idolizing here this apparently very lovable village boy much admired by colleagues for his work, naivety and humility not to suggest that I have a sophisticated taste in music – I may but absolutely not in the genre practiced by Bruckner –, but because he kept revising his works, sometimes even asking his colleagues to help. Here is a taster of what he wrote, in an edition that tried to remove all the tweaking done by colleagues in Bruckner’s work (source).


Not into work? Neither me, at least not all the time. Thus a few years ago I set up a page to suggest other pleasures in Budapest for people who do not speak the vernacular. By now the page has thousands of members and lives on independently of me, so you may find even better ideas there than before.


If you liked to chat, just choose a time at http://gabortoka.youcanbook.me.

But if you liked to discuss your thesis writing plans, please read this first.


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