The Image of the Other: the Ottoman Empire Seen from Western Europe, 16th-18th Centuries  

"Byzance apres Byzance". Exercises in state- and nation-building in South-Eastern Europe. 


The Image of the Other: the Ottoman Empire Seen from Western Europe, 16th-18th Centuries  
(2 credits) 

Prof. Dr. Andrei Pippidi 

Course description 

South-east European history from the battle of Mohacs (1526) to the reforms of Selim III (1789-1807) and the variations of the image of the Ottoman Empire in Western diplomacy, scholarship and literature.The study of political events in the region will be balanced with the history of ideas in Western Europe. Students will read several primary texts, including the accounts of travelers to the Balkans. 

Course objectives: Students will learn to use the documents (archives, works of art) as well as the historiography on this subject. They will understand better how European prejudice has often distorted the reality. This analytical exercise will sharpen their personal judgement of some contemporary issues in the Balkans. 

Course requirements 

Assessment will be on the basis of class participation (20 %),a midterm paper (20 %),a theoretical examination (30 %) and a final paper which will estimate the practical skills of the students in the investigation of archives (30 %). Participation includes theoretical reports ,discussions on such reports or on the readings. 


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