PERCIPI - A Graduate Philosophy Journal

Editorial Team:

Advisory Board:

Gábor Betegh (Central European University, Budapest)
István Bodnár (Central European University, Budapest)
Tim Crane (University College London)
Radu Dudău (University of Bucharest)
Katalin Farkas (Central European Universty, Budapest)
János Kis (Central European University, Budapest, and New York University)
Howard Robinson (Central European University, Budapest)
Zbigniew Szawarski (Warsaw University)
Jennifer Whiting (University of Toronto)

Mission Statement:

Percipi is an online graduate journal of philosophy. It is edited and reviewed by graduate students from the Department of Philosophy of the Central European University. The aim of the journal is to publish work of high quality by young scholars in the field. It is intended to foster the spirit of open and free inquiry, to promote the standards of academic rigor and to provide a forum for the communication of ideas within the international postgraduate community. Percipi welcomes articles in any area of philosophy and history of philosophy, in an analytical style, most broadly construed. The language of the journal is English.

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