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Information Society

We investigate how the information penetration changes our life, how the society reacts, what are the technical, moral, ethical, and legal challenges we are facing right now. The course requires active participation.

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Course details

Level: Intermediate
Laszlo Csirmaz and Anikó Balogh.
Max. no. of particpants: 13
Computer Lab: #2
Duration: 5 days
Requirements for pass: - (see the course's instructor)
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the UIS

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Course outline

Day 1

  • Media convergence and digitalization; computer networks

Day 2

  • The history and growth of the Internet

Day 3

  • Internet regulation, legislation, legal cases and issues

Day 4

  • Internet and democracy: governmental transparency and citizen's political participation

Day 5

  • Using and misusing the Internet: who is afraid of the Internet?
  • Provacy and security

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Useful online resources

Europe's Information Society Portal
Future of Identity in the Information Society
Information Society on wikipedia

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