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Richard Blundell, Estelle Cantillon, Barbara Chizzolini, Marc Ivaldi, Wolfgang Leininger, Laszlo Matyas, Ramon Marimon, and Frode Steen A Manifesto for Economics Research EU-FP7 Program Coeure
Gyorgy Bogel, Laszlo Matyas and Ludovit Odor Keeping Pace with the 21st Century - Higher Education and Research in the Visegrad 4 Countries Policy Paper
Laszlo Matyas (ed.) Emerging European Economies after the Pandemic Springer 2022

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Current Research Projects

Authors Title Link
FLECK, M. and MATYAS, L. Student Migration and Mobility Survey Ongoing project
CHAN, F., REGULY, A., and MATYAS, L. Modelling with Discretized Ordered Choice Covariates Download Paper
CHAN, F., REGULY, A., and MATYAS, L. Choice Modelling with Discretized Continuous Dependent Variable Download Paper
CHAN, F. and MATYAS, L. (editors) Econometrics with Machine Learning Ongoing book project

Recent Publications

Authors Title Link
BALAZSI L., CHAN F., and MATYAS L. Event Count Estimation, Econometric Reviews, 2021 October Link
MATYAS L. (ed.) Emerging European Economies after the Pandemic, 2022 Link

Earlier Books


Book Performance Reports

Year Authors Title Published
2008-2017 MATYAS L. and SEVESTRE P. The Econometrics of Panel Data Springer
2017 MATYAS L. The Ecconometrics of Multi-dimensional Panels Springer


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