About me

I am an associate professor in the Department of Economics and Business at the Central European University.

My research interests include anything that has to do with structural microeconometrics. Most recently, I have been working on college admission mechanisms and spatial location of firms. In the past years, I have taught courses in econometrics, empirical industrial organization and economic geography.

My work address is Central European University, Nador u. 13, room 504, Budapest, Hungary 1051.

You can reach me by email (last_name at gmail dot com) or phone (+36-1-328-3504).


Retaking in High Stakes Exams: Is Less More?
Veronica Frisancho, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin, 2018, International Economic Review, vol. 59, No. 2.

Spillovers, Absorptive Capacity and Agglomeration
Sergey Lychagin, 2016, Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 96.

Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter?
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(VoxEU article)

Better Luck Next Time: Learning Through Retaking
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Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry
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(VoxEU article)

Working papers

Non-parametrically Estimating Preferences in Presence of Strategic Reports: Application to College Admissions. Roman Istomin, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin, 2018.