Nenad Miscevic

Central European University
Doctorate Support Program in Philosophy


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  • Born  in Zagreb, Croatia, Nov.1., 1950. Studied philosophy and social science in Zagreb University, and at the University of Chicago (1969/70), graduated 1972, Zagreb. Post-graduate studies at the Univerisity of Paris-X (Nanterre) with Paul Ricoeur. DES en philospophie from Universite de Paris X.  Doctorate on "Theories of communication intention-Austin, Grice, Strawson" 1981. University of Ljubljana. After a semestar at the University of Rijeka, taught philosophy at the Philosophy department in Zadar, Croatia, from 1975 to 1993. Presently full professor of philosophy at Philosophy department of the University of Maribor, Slovenia and Director of Doctorate Support Program at Central European University Budapest.

  •  In one mandate president of the Croatian philosphical society, then president of the Union of philosophical societies of Yugoslavia, until summer 1999. president of European Society for Analytic Philosophy. Member of the editorial board of International studies in the Philosophy of Science (Oxford), Acta Analytica (Dettelsbach, Germany), Analiza (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Agora (Rijeka, Croatia).

  • Visiting lectureship:

  • University of Klagenfurt (Austria) in 1994.
    Universite de Geneve in 1996.