Read this page if you are about to choose a thesis topic and think that
you may want to work with me as your thesis supervisor

I supervise theses on elections, political behavior, public opinion, and a wide range of other topics that I had not thought about before someone came to discuss it with me. But I do not sign up to supervising theses unless I (1) have some expertise on the topic; (2) see enough potential in it in your hands; and (3) can hope that you will put in decent work for every deadline in the thesis writing calendar. Therefore we should first of all talk over the possible research topics you set your eyes on. Then we shall see whether we can find something agreeable to both of us.

Here is a list of ideas for possible thesis topics that I think I could help you with.

But please do not rush to me at the beginning of the year asking for a suggestion. If you do not have any ideas yet, wait: you may get one later on. Or you can pick something from the list above. It does not put forward precisely defined ideas because the thesis has to be your original brainwork, otherwise it is no fun to work on. But it points at a few questions and data sets that could support analyses I could help you executing.

Thanks for reading this and keep walking, there is a lot to see in town.