Federico Battiston
Federico Battiston
Address: Center for Network Science
Central European University
Nador u. 11, 1051
Budapest, Hungary
Email: battistonf (at) ceu.edu
Twitter: @fede7j

I am a Research Fellow at the Center for Network Science at Central European University in Budapest, working with Roberta Sinatra and Laszlo Barabasi. I use network and data science techniques to characterize and quantify the evolution of interdisciplinary research and its implication for success. Previously, I was a PostDoc at the Department of Anthropology at University College London, and at the Brain & Spine Institute in Paris. I received a PhD from the School of Mathematical Sciences of Queen Mary University of London, where I was part of the Complex Systems and Networks Group working under the supervision of Vito Latora and a member of the EU-FP7 project LASAGNE on the structure and dynamics of multilayer networks.

I am an elected member of the council of the Complex Systems Society, and was previously an advisory board member and Chair of the Young Complex Systems Society. I am also a former student of the Complex Systems Summer School in Santa Fe. My research interests include network theory, complex systems, statistical physics and non-linear dynamics, and their applications to interdisciplinary topics, in particular human behavior, socioeconomic systems, and the brain.

My expertise is in the field of multilayer/multiplex networks. My work embraces both the structure and dynamics of such systems, at a theoretical and applied level. My work on such topic includes one of the very first papers on the subject, a minireview on their structural properties and an open-source software library for their analysis. With regard to the structure, I worked on generalizing the notions of degree and edge distributions, clustering, motifs, communities and core-periphery structure. With reference to the dynamics, I dealt with a number of different processes, such as random walks, opinion dynamics, cultural dynamics and evolutionary game theory. I have recently been working on applications of network theory to neuroscience (studying the interplay between structural and functional brain networks), social (characterizing large-scale collaboration patterns and hunter-gatherer populations) and economic systems (economic complexity and the world trade web). I am very interested in data-driven projects with collaborators from different backgrounds. For a summary of my works, you can have a look at my Google Scholar profile.

I first got interested in complex networks because of some interesting lectures by Vittorio Loreto in Roma, where I also carried out a thesis on economic complexity in the group of Luciano Pietronero. I hold a degree in Physics and a Master in Theoretical Physics (with focus on statistical mechanics) both from Sapienza University of Rome. I previously earned my High School Diploma again in Rome at Liceo T. Tasso and spent a semester at Napa High School, CA, USA as an exchange student.

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