The Image of the Other: the Ottoman Empire Seen from Western Europe, 16th-18th Centuries 

"Byzance apres Byzance". Exercises in state- and nation-building in South-Eastern Europe.


"Byzance apres Byzance". Exercises in state- and nation-building in South-Eastern Europe.
Semester II
Course description - four credits

Recent years have witnessed a revival of Balkan nationalism and a transformation of the political system in Eastern Europe which had no comparable precedent since the l9th century. The course considers the geographical area inhabited by the European ' heirs of Byzantium' and covers the 16-19th centuries, starting from the end of the Byzantine empire and lasting till the onset of national movements.It is hoped that the students will learn to understand better the origins of contemporary tensions and development gaps in the Balkan peninsula.

Course objectives: The course focuses on the model offered by the Byzantine empire for the various statehoods in the region.It will stress on the social and political life of those countries which, being invaded or threatened by the Turks ,safeguarded a common cultural tradition.As it is much discussed today how much national ideology is influenced by religion,with a peculiar accent on orthodoxy,the issue is a delicate one and may interest a large audience.

Course requirements: Course assessment will involve a mid-term paper (2o %),group exercises,report presentations,a theoretical examination (3o %),a final paper which will testify the practical skills of the students in the investigation of archives (30 %).Another 20 % of the two credits is represented by participation to the weekly discussion.


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