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Web Page Creation Beginner with Wordpresswordpress

This course is a beginner’s guide to WP’s free, hosted version (, where you can make your own webpage in a few easy steps.  Choose a template, organize your website’s structure, create and publish content… It can be that easy. Perfect for beginners. You can skip dealing with all the technical things like registering your domain, finding a web hosting service and doing all the installation, using ftp…
The price you pay for this convenience is less options for customizing your webpage, by default you will “only” have a subdomain like and there will be ads appearing on your webpage. (WP places it’s ads in a rather discrete manner, at the bottom of your posts. Both the domain and ad issues can be solved by signing up for the paying services.)       
The course does not cover WP’s self-hosted version ( requiring more technical skills and offering you full control above the content you create.

Wordpress is one of the leading web content management systems (CMS). It provides hundreds of nicely designed, free and paying templates, an easy system to edit and publish your content, wide range of plugins to customize your webpage - all without requiring programming skills. Even big names (Forbes, CNN, Mercedes-Benz, Beyoncé, etc.) use Wordpress.
If you want your webpage to perform well in browsers, WP is a very good option from the technical point of view. Of course there is a significant difference in the freedom the paying services and self-hosted version (.org) offer in relation to the free templates and hosted version (.com). Therefore on the long run it is worth to switch from the free solution to the self-hosted version for a more professional experience. Within Wordpress this can be done conveniently.


Still uncertain?
Why not to start building up your professional image already now? Being a CEU student will require a lot of efforts. By writing about your work, projects and researches you could already be recognizable on the search engines (and even among your colleagues) by the time you finish your studies.
Maybe want to have a personal webpage or blog? Or need one for your services? A wide range of templates will make it an exciting adventure to build up your personal image.
Check the current course schedule on the link below Course details and join. ;)

Course details

Level: Beginner
Duration: 6 days
Requirements for pass: minimum attendance: 5 days + creating a website with the discussed features and individual content.
When the course is offered:  see the list of courses for the current semester and/or in SITS

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Course outline

Day 1: First steps

  • Introducing WordPress
  • Things to consider when choosing your domain
  • Basic structure of a webpage and it's arrangement in WordPress
  • How to choose a design theme (template)
  • Creating a account & setting up the theme

Day 2: Basic settings and structure

  • Discovering the WP content management system
  • Main settings and customization of the design theme 1. (colors, logo, background, page title and tagline, language, date & time format, fonts, etc.)
  • How to plan the structure of your webpage - what kind of content goes where and why? (menus, pages, blog posts, widgets, etc.)

Day 3: Adding good content

  • Main settings and customization of the design theme 2. (home page settings and other details)
  • Adding the first contents: contact page, static pages and their settings
  • Think with the head of your audience / clients / customers
  • A little bit of SEO (search engine optimization)

Day 4: Blogging

  • Adding blog posts: settings, appearance
  • Structuring your blog: post categories, tags
  • Navigation options: blog posts in menus, widgets and sliders

Day 5: Adding media

  • Images, video
  • Adding a photo gallery
  • Best practices, helpful applications
  • Other details

Day 6: Be a good website owner

  • Content updates, development
  • Backup
  • Further development possibilities

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