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WebPage Creation 2 (intermediate)

A more in-depth look at the web editing techniques, this course includes working with HTML code, site management, integration of graphic themes, basic JavaScript events and interactive elements in the page.

The second part of the course focuses on examples of Web 2.0: working with a typical blogging platform and its comparison to microblogging as well as introduction to the use of flash based site templates.

At the end of the course students will be required to recreate a sample web page using Nvu and upload it on the CEU web server or to create a blog / flash based site using one of the applications discussed in class as mandatory assignment for successful completion of the course.

Please note that attendance to the course is limited to students who have successfully completed the Web1 course or have a decent knowledge of web editing.

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Course details

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 5 days
Requirements for pass: assignment & minimum attendance - 4 days
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the UIS

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Course outline

Day 1

  • Structuring of information on a page (splash page, welcome page, content page).
  • Head tags and working closely with HTML tags
  • Site optimization for search engines

Day 2

  • Navigation: buttons, menus, jump menu for quick navigation
  • Rollover images and image maps
  • Image gallery: lightbox

Day 3

  • blogging: types of blogs categorized by different user needs
  • building a blog using CMS: adding content, applying and modifyng themes

Day 4

  • usage of Flash based site templates, widgets etc
  • creating a sample site using a Flash based template

Day 5

  • In class work with the chosen method, application
  • Step-by step re-creation of a sample site including elements discussed in class

Useful online resources

W3C schools comprehensive tutorial site -
How to design a site with Nvu -
Wix Flash site templates -
Wordpress codex -
On blogging vs. microblogging -

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