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Register for Our Computer Courses as a CEU Staff/Faculty Member

The computer courses offered by the CEU Computer and Statistics Center are organized primarily for CEU students but all CEU members (Staff, Faculty, including Visiting Professors, Research Fellows, etc.) are welcome to join.
Please note, the registration process (via UIS), course scheduling and some other details (i.e. grading) are tailored to student registrations. 

For your kind consideration

  • These courses are not part of the Staff trainings organized by HRO but they are a convenient option available for all CEU members.
  • Registration goes on a first come first served basis.
  • The classes are held in a computer lab, places are limited.
  • Please kindly consider the Pass requirements for each course and sign up only if you have the possibility and will to fulfill them.
  • We most kindly request Staff and Faculty members to observe the Add/Drop deadlines.
  • Most courses are offered in all Terms during an Academic Year, with some exceptions: Statistics Primer is offered only in Fall Term, Statistical Methods with Excel only in Winter Term.



Infosys (UIS) is the official platform to register for our courses.

Each course has its own registration deadline, marked on Infosys (UIS) and in the course outlines. Within the deadline you can sign up or drop the course. In most cases the deadline is just a few days before the course start.

If the course is overbooked you get on the waitlist. Notification emails about your status progress will arrive from the sender UIS and/or Computer Center's staff. You can check your status any time on UIS.

  • If you have a UIS account and you registered for our courses earlier you may use this direct link to current Term’s computer course registration, accessible from within and outside of CEU. If it does not work or you need more instructions please check below the complete registration process.

  • If you have a UIS account but never signed up for any courses on UIS please follow below the complete registration process. 
  • If you do not have or you are uncertain about having a UIS account please act as soon as possible to book your place in time.
    Our advice is to check whether you have an account or not by visiting the Infosys site ( - only from within CEU). Enter your Microsoft login name and CEU ID card number as the Infosys password. If you could log in, please follow below the complete registration process. 
    If you could not log in please contact directly the UIS Helpdesk (327-3000 / 2552 or and request to add you to the wanted courses. They may ask for your CEU ID card number and your CEU Microsoft login name. 


Complete Registration Process 

The very first time you want to register for a course on Infosys as a Staff/Faculty member you have to create a Visiting Student profile. Only then you can sign up for the courses. After creating this account for the next sign-up you will be able to use the direct link to current Term’s computer course registration.

  1. Visit 
    Accessible only from within the CEU network! Use your Novell login name and CEU ID card number as the default Infosys password.

  2. Find and select the Visit courses menu.

  3. Normally you arrive to the page where you have to confirm creating a Visiting Student profile. Confirm.

    (You may arrive instead to a page where it is already offering you to select between your Staff/Faculty and Student account.
    It means you already have a Student account and may continue with that one. On the same screen you may choose the Student profile - it will lead you to a mixed list of computer and language courses, or use the direct link to current Term’s computer course registration which gives a clear selection of only computer courses.
    Skip in this description to point 5.)

  4. Your Visiting Student profile is created. You have to re-login as a student to register for the courses. 
    You may follow the instructions given on the same screen that will lead you to a mixed list of computer and language courses. 
    Or you may use the shorter way with the direct link to current Term’s computer course registration which gives a clear selection of only computer courses. 

  5. After logging in as a student and having the list of computer courses in front of you select for Pass/Fail at each course you want to join.
    Click OK at the bottom of the page to complete your registration(s).
    Note the links to all important course details (Place/Time, Special Add-Drop Deadlines, Course outline) and the number of registered attendants (e.g. 8/15). Where you see 3 numbers there is a waitlist already.

  6. To revise your registration or check your status you can get back any time. 
    Please remember to drop the courses you cannot attend before the Add-Drop deadlines. 

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