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Linux for beginners

The course focuses on the usage of this Unix-based operating system at the Central European University.

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Course details

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Laszlo Csirmaz
Max. no. of participants: 20
Computer Lab: #3
Duration: 5 days
Requirements for pass: - (see the course's instructor)
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the UIS

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What is Linux?

Linux is another operating system running on PC's. In fact, it is the only competitor to the MS world. By now Linux is a full-fledged system which can use features of the networked computer unknown before. It is an offspring of the Unix operating system, inheriting the vast amount of knowledge and experience of more than three decades of Academic life.

As opposed to the Microsoft word, Linux has an open source available for everyone, and is mostly free. It server more the needs of the Academic environment than that of the laymen, with all of its consequences. It is not a "click only" system, and requires more study even for simple usage. The extra work, however, has its returns, as Linux is more versatile, configurable, and scalable. It might work exactly as the user requires, and not as someone decided in advance.

More firms, small businesses, even governments are switching to Linux. An error in an application does not kill the whole machine (the "blue death" is not known in the Linux world). It has several desktop environments, and offers hundreds, even thousands of applications. It is of essential interest of CEU's students to become acquainted with this operating system.

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Where and how to use Linux at CEU

Linux is available in the Nador street complex MA student's labs. As it needs a different loading process than Windows, to get Linux the machine should be restarted. After the memory test is over, you'll have about 5 second to hit the one of the arrow keys to choose "linux" from the menu. After done so, press Enter.

This will start the Linux boot process. It might take a couple of seconds. Wait until the linux login window appears.

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Logging in and out

The login window contains a single line labelled "Username". Type your novell network login name, press Enter or clock on the "OK" button. Then type your novell password.

If there is any authentication problem, the login window reappears. Check your login name, and enter the password carefully. If the problem persists, please check that you are not logged in at some other computer. If you cannot figure out what the problem is, please turn to the Helpdesk.

As always, please log out properly when you've finished the session. After logging out, the main Linux window appears again.

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Toggling between Linux and Windows

To switch back to Windows XP hit the "Windows" button on the login screen.

Never switch the machine off whenever Linux is running on it.

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You can print into any of the printers in the labs. The default printer is LP, and points to a black and white printer. The color printer can be reached by the name lpcolor.

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