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FTP is the software to transfer our pages from our computer to the server. At CEU we use LeechFTP which you can find in the Novell Delivered Applications folder, in the subfolders named Nador / Communication / FTP.


  • The host or URL name is
  • Click File / Connect
  • Your username and password have been given to you by the teacher of the course (if not, please contact the Computer and Statistics Center).


After entering them into the boxes, click on the OK button and the connection is established. You must know the directory ypou have saved your index.html file on your computer. To change the Local directory, click on the Local menu and choose the Change Directory option.

Now you can transfer your files from the Local System window (left) to the Remote System (right) by selecting the file and pushing the upload filesbutton on the top of the screen. Also you can download the files from the remote system to your computer the same way.

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Modifying your page

Whenever you make a change on your page you always need to go through a 3-step-procedure:

  1. Make the change in in your index.html file, e. g. insert a new picture to your index.htm file. Save the changes
  2. Connect to the server by FTP as described above. Upload the files you have changed, in this case index.htm and the image file you have used, e.g. image.jpg.
  3. Disconnect from LeechFTP, using the File/Disconnect menu.


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