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Computer and Statistics Center offers 90 minutes long TRAINING SESSIONS on thesis formatting and the uploading process.
According to your departments requirements attending such a session could be mandatory or facultative. Please consult your Coordinators on this matter. Information relevant to your department is also circulated in email.

On the lecture you will learn:

  • How to structure and format your thesis (Word document) correctly - useful skills for Word document formatting in general but also basic requirements for all submitted theses (Formatting titles with Heading styles, generating Table of Contents, adding page and section breaks, pagination settings) 
  • How to convert the thesis into a PDF file in the required bookmarked format - a technical requirement of the uploading process
  • What is the exact process of uploading the final PDF file - a short introduction of the ETD site

Available sessions:
Classes are held in a computer lab. Places are limited, therefore registration is required.

  • ETD 
    The class follows formatting requirements set in the general CEU Thesis Formatting Guidelines.
  • ETD – with department's name
    Those departments with mandatory ETD class have dedicated sessions marked with the department’s name. These classes follow formatting requirements of that particular deaprtment. Please register to these sessions ONLY if you are a student of that department.

To attend a training please REGISTER HERE ( ) for one of the above sessions. (If the link does not work copy it to the browser.)

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