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Optional courses

The Center offers free non-grade courses all year round. Upon succesful completion of the courses' requirements, the students receive a certificate issued by the CSC. Signing up for courses via the University Information System (InfoSys) will add the course grade (Pass/Fail) to the student's final transcript of records.

Courses with less than 5 participants are canceled.

Registration: The members of the CEU community can register for our courses via Infosys (UIS). Please note that the places for each course are limited.

Sign-up process for Students
Sign-up process for Staff and Faculty

Fall Term courses

  • Statistics Primer (statistics for beginners): Sept. 13 – Dec. 6
  • Introduction to Prezi: Oct. 1-3-5, Dec. 3-5-7
  • Webpage Creation – WIX: Oct. 8-10-12
  • SPSS, Group 1: Oct. 9-19, Group 2: Nov. 13-23
  • MS Word for Academic Writing: Oct. 15-17-19
  • MS PowerPoint - Guides for Good Presentations: Nov. 12-14-16
  • MS Excel for Absolute Beginners: Nov. 26-28-30
  • Webpage Creation – WordPress Basics: November 27, 29, December 1, 4, 6
  • MS Excel Intermediate: Dec. 3-5-7

Statistics Primer (September 19 – December 6, weekly on Wednesdays: 16.00-17.30, Nádor 15, 105)
If you need to develop some basic statistical skills for your studies/research in Humanities from scratch this is the course for you. to Prezi (Oct. 1-3-5, Dec. 3-5-7, Tue, Wed, Fri), 16.00-17.00, Orange lab)
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software. The product employs a zooming user interface (ZUI), and allows users to display and navigate through information.

WIXWebPage Creation with WIX (Oct. 8-10-12, Tue, Wed, Fri, 16.00-17.00, Orange lab), With this online web editor put together your own personal or business webpage choosing from hundreds of design templates.  (Group 1: Oct. 9-19, Group 2: Nov. 13-23, Mon, Tue, Thu, Wed, Thu, Fri, 16.30-18.00, Green lab)
Handle statistical data on your own by getting familiar with the most frequent applications of SPSS.

wordMS Word for Academic Writing (Oct. 15-17-19, Wed, Thu, Fri: 16.00-17.00, Orange lab)
The course covers intermediate aspects of text and document formatting for the students’ academic papers. 

MS Power Point (Nov. 12-14-16: 16.00-17.00, Orange lab)
Learn to create and manage efficient presentations, including organization charts and dynamic elements.

MS Excel for Absolute Beginners (Nov. 26-28-30, 16.00-17.00, Orange lab)
Introduction to Excel for the beginner user covering some intermediary topics as well, such as: working with tables, creating charts, use of functions and formulae.

wordpressWebpage Creation Beginner with WordPress  (November 27, 29, December 1, 4, 6 (Wed, Thu, Fri, Mon, Wed, Thu), 16.00-17.30, first week: Blue lab, second week: Orange Lab (Monument B, -1) Learn the basic principles of filling your website with content properly and make your own webpage in a few easy steps using one of the leading the web editors, WordPress and its free templates. Excel Intermediate (Dec. 3-5-7, 16.00-17.00, Orange lab)
Covering some more advanced topics: use of functions and formulae.


All courses

Below please find a list of all courses that could be offered by the Center on demand. In case you would like to request a course we do not have on offer please contact us at

Pre-session courses

CEU Computer Orientation
Pre-session TeX course for mathematics students

HTML / Web & Graphic Design courses

Webpage Creation Beginner with WordPress
WebPage Creation 1 WIX (Web1 - beginner)
WebPage Creation 2 (Web 2 - intermediate)

MS Office

MS Excel for Beginners
MS Excel Inermediate

MS Excel - Statistical Methods
MS PowerPoint - Guides for Good Presentations
MS Word for Academic Writing
MS Access 2007
MS Office 365

Bibliography & reference organizer

EndNote - Bibliographies Fast and Easy (References management)


Statistics Primer
Introduction to Statistics with Excel
Introduction to SPSS
Statistical Methods and Calculations with Excel


Web appearance possibilities at CEU

ETD - Thesis formatting & Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission

Linux for Beginners
TeX (Typesetting Language)
Introduction to Cryptography
Information Society
Formal Logic

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