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Computer Skills Competition - Results

The Computer Skills Competition is already a successful tradition of the Computer and Statistics Center. It is a fun way to get acquainted with CEU's computer environment and the most important tools and software.

Some statistics:

  • This year 142 students filled in the test, which is 15% more, than last year
  • 13 students scored maximum 10 points, which is a similar increase with perfect scores
  • 23 students scored 9-9.9 points

These are very good results!

We have announced the winners of the competition on September 28, Friday. The winners of the prizes were chosen from the top 10% of those taking the test. One of the participants draw the names from a bowl. Finally Prof. Laszlo Csirmaz, the Department Head draw the winner of the main prize (the bear) from all the top 10% participant set. See more photos at our facebook page:

Congratulations to the participants and the winners!

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