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Computer Skills Competition
September 3-27

The Competition is a fun way for new students to get familiar with CEU computer usage, CEU websites and to compare your computer skills with the level expected for your studies. Get in the top 10 % to qualify for our prizes:

  • a huge teddy bear (pictured on the right), and
  • CEU branded products (hoodies, thermo mugs, water bottles, shopping bags , notepads and bamboo pens).

How it goes

Take this online test any time between September 3, Monday 03:00 PM and September 27, Thursday 14:00 PM. You can take the test as many times as you want, your highest score counts.
Participation is elective. For your convenience you will find the test among your courses on the e-learning site.
You have to answer a combination of multiple choice and true/false questions in 60 minutes, a total of 40 questions over 5 areas:

  • General (Basic Concepts/File Management)
  • Word Processing—MS Word
  • CEU websites
  • CEU e-learning
  • Office 365

You may use any help material while taking the test. Actually we encourage you to look up that information you are not sure about: check the websites, open the applications, search on the net. You'll get an immediate result and a short explanation after answering the questions.
We suggest to complete the test on a computer (and not a mobile device) as figuring out the right answers may require checking things on desktop applications.
Note, if you do not have Microsoft Word you can download one from within your CEU Office 365 account. Word can be also found on CEU computers in the computer labs.

Announcement of results & prizes – When and how?

When: September 28, Friday, 12.30-13.30
Where: Nador 15 building, basement
How: The winners of the prizes will be raffled from the top 10 % of those taking the test.
You will be notified if you are in the top 10%. Attention! Prizes will be handed over only to paricipants attending the ceremony in person!
The prizes:

  • 1. Huge teddy bear
  • 2-4. CEU hoodie
  • 5-7. CEU thermo mug
  • 8-10. CEU water bottle
  • 11-13. CEU shopping bag
  • 14-16. CEU note pad & bamboo pen

You can check the prizes in the cabinet in front of the Library entrance.

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