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The course gives an introduction to database concepts and to MS Access database basics. During the classes students will gain knowledge on the use of tables and on the analyzis of different data types, field properties and also get an overlook on the key expressions in MS Access.


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Course details

Level: Beginner
Max. no. of participants: 20
Computer Lab: #1
Duration: 5 days
Requirements for pass: minimum attendance - 4 days
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the InfoSys

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Course outline

Day 1:

  • Database concepts
  • MS Access database basics
  • Using and editing tables
  • Data types, field properties

Day 2:

  • Expressions in MS Access
  • Validating data entry
  • Keys and indexes

Day 3:

  • Queries
  • Tables and relations

Day 4:

  • Basics of forms and reports

Day 5:

  • The last day of the course is devoted to a simple excercise to be solved on your own as a pass/fail exam.

Useful online resources

Extensive MS Access 2003 FAQ site -

Basics of MS Access -
MS Access 2003 index site -

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