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Statistical Methods with Excel

In this course students will learn important statistical methods, namely estimations, construction of confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and several types of regressions.

During the course, we will use the graphical abilities and the built in statistical functions of Microsoft Excel to make figures about and calculations with data arising from real life problems or simulations as well. (The lectures will be held in a computer laboratory. Having some experience with Excel is an advantage but not a prerequisite for the course.)

We will take Chapters 6-9 and 12-13 of the text-book.


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Course details

Level: Intermediate
Andras Vetier
Max. no. of participants: 20
Computer Lab: #1
Duration: 12 days
Requirements for pass: minimum attendance: 8 days
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the University Information System

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Course outline

  • Estimation of probabilities, distribution- and density functions, and their parameters
  • Hypothesis testing : u-, t-, F-, khi-square test
  • Construction of confidence intervals
  • Regression lines : covariance and correlation
  • Regression curves using conditional expected values and conditional medians

Further Reading

  • James T. McClave – Frank H. Dietrich, II : Statistics, 5th ed.

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