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Introduction to Statistics with Excel

If you have some idea about the nature of statistics and you only need to develop a practice tailored to your studies this is the course for you. The course starts from the basics but advances faster towards more complex statistical tasks.
Having some experience with Excel is a prerequisite for the course!
Please bring your laptop! Classes are held in a classroom with smart board and not a computer lab.

In this course students will learn not only the important statistical notions and methods, but they will also learn powerful techniques to perform the necessary numerical calculations or figure constructions to analyze statistical problems.

During the course, we will use the graphical abilities and the built in statistical functions of the user friendly Microsoft Excel program to make figures about and calculations with data arising from real life problems or simulations as well.

  • Students will learn the basic notions and results of probability theory and statistics.
  • Be able to distinguish discrete and continuous variables, the notions of different distribution
  • They will learn not only theoretical notions but - through simulations - they will have a "real life experience" of the meaning of the notions and methods.
  • Be able to perform test of hypothesis.


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Course details

Level: Intermediate
Andras Vetier
Duration: 12 days
Requirements for pass: Minimum attendance: 8 lectures plus active participation on the lectures.
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or the University Information System

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Course outline

  • Descriptive statistics: graphical and numerical methods for describing data.
  • Notion of probability and conditional probability.
  • Discrete random variables. Binomial and Poisson distributions.
  • Continuous random variables. Uniform, normal, and exponential distributions
  • Central limit theorem

Further Reading

  • James T. McClave - Frank H. Dietrich, II:    Statistics, 2nd edition (Dellen, 1979)
    Chapters 1-9 of this book discuss approximately the same topics and concepts as the ones covered by the course.
    Table of Contents of Chapters 1-4Chapters 5-9

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